Saturday, November 19, 2011

Where we at, and what we got??? (Week #12)


(Editorial note:  I started writing this post at about 4 pm Friday, but got called away by real life.  I just now finished it off at 6:45 am on Saturday.  I hate it when that happens.)

Where we at?  Well, we are finally at a "stopping place."

Naw, that's not true.  We are actually at a place where I just decided to stop.

There is so much junk that needs doing around here.  I swear...stuff needs painted, weeds need eating, bulbs need digging, a 700 lb.bathtub & ONE Chevy S-10 pickup truck needs hauling away, and I really, really, really need a bath...

But, I just decided to stop (I WILL get a bath a bit later, though).

Truth is, there are no MAJOR home repairs that need doing right now.  I think I may have casually mentioned that I got the kitchen floor in fine shape, and the hallway bathroom back up and running after putting it all off as long as I could, and staying happily married.  So, we really are kinda' at a stopping point.

The rest of the junk will be there when I go back to my "single-minded-gotta-get-it-did-male-self."  It'll come back around.  Always does.

My weekend is screwed up, too.  I now have as regular "days off," Friday, and Saturday.  But...there is this new guy at work...a guy that I really like a lot.  He had a fabulous opportunity to do something on Saturday.  I mean, it is REALLY fabulous...kind of a once in a lifetime chance.  But, he was scheduled to work on Saturday, and had to find "somebody" that was off on Saturday to swap shifts with him.


He asked me, and I said "yes."  I'm a sucker for such things.  So, I've got to go in to work Saturday afternoon, and then turn around and be back at work on Sunday morning.

I'm a sucker for such things.

But, I really don't mind so much.  It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the man.  It's very similar to an opportunity that I once had, but passed on.  I've got very few regrets in life.

So, what we got?

Tonight, we've got the #2 ranked Okie State 'boys at Iowa State.  The Pokies are ripe for a loss.  Iowa State will bring down this notion that Oklahoma State deserves to play for the National Title against an SEC team.  It will be close, but Iowa State will win.   The Cowboys will probably lose to OU, too.

Write this down.  Stick it on your 'frigerator door.  OSU will not end up in the BS-BCS championship game.  It will be LSU & 'Bama.

Speaking of my beloved Tigers...I'll admit, it's been a challenge to get excited about our games the past few days.  I mean, after you beat the second best team in the land, and are forced to endure Homecoming against Western Kentucky, and a Conference game against The Klan tomorrow (the worst team in my memory as an SEC watcher).'s just kinda blah blah blah...

But, I've done my best.

I even tried to pump up Tucker!  Y'all know Tucker.  Tucker is my great nephew that The Mrs. keeps care of (at no charge for 4 or 5 days a week...but I don't care, because he is the sweetest little cat of all the dozens of chirrens we've had around our joint for lo these three plus decades of havin' chirrens around here).  I've shown y'all pictures of him before.

He is without a doubt the worlds biggest LSU fan (under one years of age).

It was REALLY easy to get him excited about the games against Oregon, MS State, and 'Bama.  But, Tucker kinda balked on me when it came to Flarda & Auburn (because they suck), but he chested up and did his best.

He's a trooper.

But, I could get no such goodness while trying to get him revved up about our game against The Klan tomorrow.

The boy went to sleep with his chin on his foot (I wish I could still do that), with his T-shirt wrapped up like he's in a straight jacket, or something!

I tried.  Trust me, I did.  But, it's The Klan...the worst football team in the history of the SEC that we're facing tomorrow.

Tucker don't waste his energy.


It will be LSU 50 - Klan 6.

In other games of importance, there will be only one surprise.  Mississippi State will beat Arkansas at The Sty in Little Rock.  This one will be close, too...maybe go in to overtime.  But, the Dogs will prevail in an upset (if you can call it that).

I think Oregon, OU, Clemson, Boysees, and the other top ranked teams will prevail...even though The Ducks are likely to have trouble with their rubbers.

It's gonna be a couple of years before Tucker can do this.  But, at early an age as humanly possible, I'm gonnna learn him the fight song.

Look, y'all have a great weekend, huh?  I'm gonna be really pounding it, so don't worry about me if I'm not hanging out with y'all much.  It don't mean that I don't love y'all.

Because, I do.


  1. Tucker is so Adorable~ Thanks for sharing the pictures and Great Post.

    Have a Great Weekend.

  2. Poor deluded Andy. My Hogs will put those Mi'sip State Puppies on a leash!

    That is one adorable baby! Why do you abuse him so by making him wear those gaudy colors? (I'd like to be able to fall asleep on my foot, too! Ah, memories.)

  3. The little tornado guys from Ames made you look like a genie's ass, oops, I mean genius. Nice call.

    But will the Powers That Be really put two SEC schools in the title game? The stinkin' ducks are playing very well. They's gonna embarrass the Trojans (and my Beavs) in their remaining two games and try to get a rematch 'gainst your Tigers.

  4. Yes, Tucker is adorable. And, the sweetest little chap. Really.

    Moogie, we shall c. But, I feel pretty good about my call.

    Inno, I think that 'Bama will have to be in if they win out. In fact, they should never have dropped out of #2. They played #1 LSU, out-gained us, and tied at the end of regulation, only losing in ot. They proved that they are the second best team in the nation.

    The Ducks are playing better than they were. But, when the comprutuhs shake out schedule strength, and if the voters don't just decide that an all SEC champeenship would be bad for the game...well, 'Bama has to be in.

  5. He's a trooper.

    He's a real cutie, too.

  6. Tucker is a cutie.

    But Andy is a stinky. Because he left out the gosh darnedest biggest football game of the year (in Tennessee) in which the powerful 'Dores will pulverize the big Nehi Orange from Knoxtown for the second time in 30 years. Trust me, this is a big thing. And not likely to happen again in 30 years. I know you got to work and all, but still. Miss this game at your own peril. Grandkids might ask you about this historic event in the far distant future.

  7. Where do I begin? Oh. How about no overtime? How about 44 - 17, Hogs? With the second teams in? Maybe, QB Wilson finished 32 of 43 for 365 yards and three touchdowns?

    The Hogs are coming for you, Tiggers. You'd better be looking for a skirt, Andy!

    And, by the way, you're a really good guy for taking your buddy's shift. Class act all the way! Wish You had been my co-worker!

  8. Moogie, what can I say? When I'm wrong, I'm wrong. And, boy was I ever wrong!

    True congrats. I really did not think that The Hawgz would show up like they did. Very impressive, against a very decent team.

    I shall be publishing an open statement of my wrongness. Hey, the way the Ducks & Sooner games are going, we could just wake up Monday with a 1-2-3 SEC West lead in the BSCS. We rock!

    This one is gonna be good...

  9. Oh Dan...well, y'all were "this close!"

    Too bad. But, Dr. Jill 'enem really needed a win, too. Partner, the Commodores are on the right track for the first time in years. Hang in there. They are respectable...and at this point, that's got to be enough.

  10. Andy, you suck at these predictions! What made you think Ole Miss could score 6 points against LSU? Man.

  11. Ain't it the truth! Jimbo, I don't know what I was thinking.

    Dude! Was that a massacre, or what??? I knew the Klan was bad. I honestly think Calvary could beat them. Or Haughton.


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