Friday, February 24, 2012

I made y'all a V-Log so y'all would know I ended up shaving today.


Don't bother to thank me.


  1. Do you type as slow as you talk?

  2. BTW, Lou, V-logging is harder than one might think. What with the makeup, wardrobe, and knowing that millions of people will be looking at you.

    It can get stressful. So, I measure my words while V-logging.

    It's a LOT easier typing. You can "Backspace," and change junk.

  3. I enjoyed that Andy, felt like I had just visited with you for a minute.

  4. Well... good on ya for shavin' yer face. It's nice to see someone take good advice when it's rendered. Or tendered. One or the other.

    Amazon (and the like) is yore friend, Andy. Memory cards are pretty cheap these days, but Sony might still use a proprietary card, at which poin the prices get... well.. pricey.

    Just sayin'.

  5. Jim, I enjoyed it, too.

    I just love to see myself on the worldwide computer...especially all shaved up and looking nice.

    I'm touched. Really.

    I feel like I just visited 6 minutes and 38 seconds with you, too.

    We really need to do MORE of that, but in the few spare moments I have I am required to make V-logs.

    It's a rule.

    Come see us. I mean it.

  6. Buck, I did not check out THE AMAZON, because sometimes you can not wait for delivery by UPS, USPS, or FEDEX.

    It was VERY important that I get a big ass memory card TODAY, because I might need to take some pictures/videos/whatever TODAY!

    And now I'm all worried! When high tech commentors start using big words like "proprietary," I go to scratchin' my rapidly balding noggin', and think that MAYBE...JUST MAYBE...I have blown $39.90 (plus tax) on something that won't operate properly.

    And, that would suck.

    Got the miserable Oxalis shaved down for the first cutting of the Spring. Gonna take about a million more times to get it under control. It is a VERY invasive weed deal.

    Hallelujah, though! The Mrs. FINALLY told me that I could spray it with weed killer junk (she even bought the liquid week killer junk, and A BRAND NEW SPRAYER at The Lowes), because she FINALLY REALIZED WHAT I'VE BEEN TELLING HER FOR YEARS IS TRUE...that Oxailis will invade everything, and will finally make you (me) have to mow grass twice a week just to make the place not look like crap until June when it goes dormant.

    Okay...I'm gonna try this SanDisk 16gb card in this camera now.

    I sure hope it ain't proprietary.

  7. You are a brave soul, Andy. Cute too. I don't want anyone filming me, although someone took a picture of me getting in my car the other day. Not only am I not as cute as I used to be, I have a silly Texas twang. It always surprises me to hear it. Nope, I will just type my blogs.

  8. BB - don't feel bad, I'm not near as cute as I used to be either.

  9. I am REALLY "cuter" than I used to be.

    Well, maybe not as cute as I was as a little baby, but WAY cuter than I was as a...

    oh, never mind.

  10. "Cute?" I'm blushing. Really, I am.

    High praise from an artist such as yourself. I think I'll g-mail you a pitcher of me so you can paint an oil painting deal of me.

    I'll pay in American Dollars for it, too.

    Not sure which of the four sons I'll leave it to in "The Will." But, I'll probably leave it to Will. I'm sure he'll know what to do with it.

  11. My favorite part is the sireeeens. It makes it seem like you live in Jacktroit.

  12. And you forgot the Snakelight on your glasses.

  13. TD, I've lived three houses from Barksdale Blvd. for so long that I don't even hear 'em.

    The RR trains, either.

  14. Nice visitin' with you Andy. Enjoyed it even though I did see you snatch a look at that teleprompter. :-) I can tell though that it's just an outline (I like outlines), not that word for word act that our Zero prez does. Seriously, this was dang good. Now that you've got that new camera, I'm ready for that feature length video.

  15. Love your V~Logs!

    And when you said "weedeater" it reminded me that I needed to shave my legs again :)

  16. Stopsign, when you said that you needed to shave your legs again, it reminded me that I...

    Well, never mind.

    Glad you like the V-Logs. I'm touched. As everybody knows...


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