Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just 2 (two) things I need to tell y'all about, about my thinking about V-logging here at Andy's Place.



  1. I watched all of your V-logs in a row. Not back to back to back, but the last 2 in chronological order, which is close to back to back to back, although actually only back to back.

    I can't even tell you're reading from the Teleprompter of Andy's Place.
    That takes some practice. Why do you practice this? I thought your video room was "dusty rose". Have you painted your video room? I remember you put a new dishwasher in, that's gotta count for something.

  2. I like your V-log "outfit". To you it may only be a T-shirt, and to Buck it may be "tuesday" but clearly you've thought of this in advance and I think your outfit completes your video of you talking about some junk.

    I have a V-log "outfit" it says on it, "Vancouver Canucks" ... they're a semi-winning hockey team up here in America's Hat. (Canada).
    I don't have a picture of me wearing it.

    1. Hey! It IS Tuesday. And you have a lotta gall to wear a Canucks shirt up there in Calgary, assuming you're REALLY in Calgary. Coz this is the inter-tubes and we know how people tend to "exaggerate" (I'm bein' polite, yanno?) herein.

    2. :)
      Yup, I'm really here. There's a significant number of formerly unemployed Vancouver citizens living here in cowtown now that wear their blue+green stuff... I'm a bit surprised to see so much of it here.

      The alcohol helps / dulls the pain, too.

      I am a fan of the local (canadian) football effort. Doug Flutie played here for a few years, before he got real good. ... jajaja.

  3. Wait. Enquiring Minds™ wanna know... how much do you really love us?

    This much?


    This much?


    Or this much?


    Srsly. It's important.

  4. Dang I forgot what I was going to say for laughing at Buck's good question :-)

  5. Andy, Buck's question is a good one. We're waiting on an answer.

    While we're waiting, as one of the web's first v-log reviewers, I want to go on record and say I like your v-logs. I like the deadpan delivery and careful pacing. Overall, your v-logs put me in mind of a comedian from back in the old days. His name is Jackie Vernon. Remember him? He sometimes pretended to show slides of his vacation. He was fall on the floor laughing funny but he never changed his expression. I'll bet he was a great poker player. (He probably made a gazillion dollars doing his schtick. You could too.) Also, the two steps you mention in today's v-log will help make the v-logs better. Anyway, even though I'm guilty of ribbing you about them, I do like the v-logs, keep 'em coming.

    And, I'm still waiting on answer to Buck's question.

  6. Okay...

    It's this much!

    Are y'all happy now? Jeepers...y'all are so demanding...

    Dan, I do not remember Jackie Vernon. However, I was a huge fan of Steven Wright.


    A HUGE FAN. Wright just KILLED ME! My first memory of the guy was on SNL, talking about how he took a cross country trip with a friend. "We only had one tape...I can't remember what it was."

    Sure, it doesn't sound funny typed out in a blog comment...but I snorted snot. Really, I did.

    1. Are y'all happy now? Jeepers...y'all are so demanding...

      Yes. Yes, we are. But try to be a lil more punctual next time, mmm-kay?


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