Monday, July 25, 2011

Hey y'all! Look at what Dr. Jill dun sont me!!!


Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

A couple of days ago (another) package landed at Andy's Place (via US Postal Service) from our good friend, and regular contributor, Dr. Jill.

Now, if you've been hanging out around here for long, you understand that a package from Dr. Jill is always an adventure.  Always.

Well, enclosed was a very nice card.  It said,

Hi Pam & Andy!
Hope all is well.  Here is just a little sumthin' to get you ready for football season."

Then, on the opposite fold of the card was written,


And then way, way down in little teeny tiny writing was this:

Go Tigers!
hee hee
So, what was in the package?  Well, I'm glad y'all asked.

This here is the first thing I pulled out.

Ain't that something?!?!?! 

I mean, it's a Vol Crimmus Tree Ornament!

Wow!  I'mma put that on the next tree I haul into the house!  Of course, we haven't dragged a scotch pine, or erected a metal one up in the house in about 20 years.  But...the NEXT TIME I put a tree up in the house, that baby is ON IT!  I reckon I'll have to come up with another use for it.

I'm studying on that right now.

But then, the goody got gooder.  Lookit!

This here is a writing pen that is made like an LSU Tiger Cheerleader! Oh man...this is just so way past good that I'm almost typeless.  You may notice that there are a couple of little thumb-switches on the back.  Those are WAY cool!  They actually bring the pen to life.  I mean, my own personal LSU Cheerleader pen starts actually leading cheers!  Really.

I've been following along with her for several hours now, and I'll swear, I'm iz revved up!


Go to hell 'Bama...


Go to hell Ole Miss...


Go to hell Tennessee Flarda...


I swear...this is the bestest gift I've gotten since Roses sent me my LSU Purple & Gold Chicken Hat! (BTW...I've got BIG plans for that chicken hat come me. I mean...TRUST ME)!

Anyway, I've been cheering along for several hours now, and it's just so dang fun that I kinda' lost track of time, and The Mrs. kinda got a little concerned about all the racket.  So, I had to lay her down for a while. 

I love her.
Thanks, Dr. Jill!

I think I'm gonna name her Moogie.

With most all of y'all suffering through Underarm-ageddon, I hope that we all can agree that September needs to get her more quicker than usual.

But, I looked at the calendar a little while ago, and friggin' August still stands in the way.



  1. Those Vols sure have tiny (foot)balls.

  2. I'm purple and gold with envy . .

  3. Inno, don't go bashing on the Vols. They may suck, but they are fearless. I think they gots more balls than brains, but not all of 'em.

    Some of 'em got neither.

    We're looking at YOU, Al. well you should be. This thing is just fascinating. I mean, she (Moogie) has cursed out all the rest of the SEC, half the former Big XII, all the pacific-10, Ohio State, and The Dame in just a couple of hours.

    Man, she's cool.

  4. A cheerleader pen. For some reason, that brings impure thoughts to mind...

  5. I'm ready for September for no other reason that cooler temps. All my favorite football teams are a bit wishy-washy. And my un-favorite football teams are all just obnoxious.

  6. >>>all the pacific-10

    Are you really going to make me correct you? We're Pac-12 now with the addition of Colorado and Utah.

    In other words, we're moving inland and pretty soon you SEC schools will just be part of the Pac-120

  7. That's sweet...getting psyched for some football eh? I can't wait.

  8. are evil.

    Lou, I remember those days when my team sucked. Barely.

    Inno, I KNOW that the pacific-10 has added two more pos teams, thereby rounding down the curve. I just didn't feel like rubbing it on to you that y'all's conference sucks worse than it ever has.

    Just sayin'...

    As far as the pac-120...that sounds like something Obama would dream up. "One Conference! Forever Futile!"

  9. Glad you liked her Andy. When I eye-spied her I knew she was meant to be with you. Hope Mrs. Andy isn't to put out with me sending you a cheerleader in the mail. And by the way football fans... Look out for the Vols.. We got Dooley.. Not only is he a hottie.. He's a dang good coach! I know y'all are just jealous of his good looks and charming personality..... GO VOLS!!! Andy.. Bring the Mrs. And we will take you to a Vols game in Kville.

  10. Surely you're not calling her Moogie, as in the Moogie of Moogie's Mansion? There's just so much wrong with that on so many levels. I mean, she's not even wearing a crown. And she's cursing -- genuine SEC cheerleaders do not curse. Too loudly, anyway. And those colors she's wearing do not flatter her as do the Cardinal and White. Plus, I doubt her ability to execute a proper Hog Call. I might could train her though. Maybe.

    So, you must be thinking of some other Moogie.

    I will have to go along with the getting to September thing, though. It might be easier to get there, though, now that we'll have pre-season pro football to entertain us. I could only imagine the rejoicing about that at Andy's Place when the parties reached accord yesterday. If the cheerleader can also do a little Who Datting, maybe she can earn the chance to sport the moniker of Moogie.

    She'll still need to work on that wardrobe, though.

    Tennessee? They're still planning to play this year?

  11. We were just waiting for Moogie to come around and comment. And we were NOT disappointed.

    I think your cheerleader is bit... no, a LOT... underweight for bein' of the purple and gold sort. But then again, she IS a caricature.

  12. No Buck, we were indeed NOT disappointed. But then we NEVER are when Moogie weighs in.

    As to the slight build of the Tiger Cheerleader...she is an ink pen, ya' know!

    Thanks again, Jill. I might take y'all up on a seat at The Big House one of these days.

  13. Good Lord... you are hysterical!

    Did you know my boy is playing college football?!?!? Yup, here in Colorado. D2. Line Backer/Long Snapper. He's got some growing to do yet. He's 6'1" and 195 lbs... but he's fast. One of his buddies from High School is playing for Alabama.

  14. Hi CB!

    Yes ma'am, I did indeed know that your boy is playing College Footbaw! I've been lurking.

    I feel sorry for his High School buddy, though. I mean, you MUST have an extremely low IQ to play for St. Nick Saban.

    Just sayin'...

    Just kidding. Glad for the boy. Tuscaloosa is one of the 7 most exciting places for a college player to pad up. Actually, it's #7.

    We ALL know the most exciting place...

  15. Thanks for acknowledging Razorback Stadium! Or War Memorial in Little Rock -- there's better tailgating at War Memorial. And it's within walking distance of Younger Daughter's house.


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