Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Andy's Strip Club Place"...the lineup...

I'm wondering why I set my thermostat in the house at 82 degrees.  Why?  Because I am saving money by not having my AC run so much, and 82 is comfortable enough for me and the family. But, it occurred to me a minute ago that I could just set the dang thing on 55...because the condensing unit has not shut off in three weeks anyway.  But, I do get a good feeling about being "thrifty" by running my T-stat at 82.

What was I saying?  Oh yeah...

Okay, I gotta be honest.  In my 50 years of blogging, I don't think I've ever gotten more guffaws, belly-laughs, and pure enjoyment from the sport of blogging than the other day when I axed the simple question, "What would your 'Stripper Stage Name' be?"

Seriously, maybe I'm the only one that guffawed.  But, I did.  I actually had kinda' forgotten about it, due to my short attention span.  But, along comes a visitor to Andy's Place today via The Gooble Search©.

(click it to see in big terms that Andy's Place is #1 with The Gooble Search©. Again.)

This visitor (who was from San Jose, stinkin' California), reminded me of how much fun I had in the old days...all those many hours ago...reading what all good "stripper names" our beloved visitors would sport in an Andy's Strip Club Place.

Before we get to the comment lineup, I must note that I received a few "off comment" stripper stage names.  One, via e-mail, was from a really tough old buddy of mine that did not want to be identified.  Goldie Bush!  Nyuk...

Another e-mail came from a fellow I grew up with here in Bossier.  His stripper name would be "Useless Eugene."  Nyuk...

And, FDIL's stripper name would be "Lucky Valencia."  Nyuk...

So, now on to the comments. (Editorial note:  I have editored some of these for brevity)
Jim said...
I really don't think that 'Laddie Palmetto' is going to turn too many people on . . .
Moogie P said...
This could be fun! "Laddie Palmetto." Heh. Of course, that makes my husband "Mary Rural Route." Elvis and Sweet Girl Lincoln -- perfect! Thanks for the fun! Love and kisses, Maxie LeFever.
Andy said...(Editorial note...this is a different "Andy," not me.)
Smokey Chase. I can live with that. And so can the ladies.
Barry the Barbarian said...
Punchy Delta.
Dadman said...
Buck Naked...
Staci said...
Sparky Dirt Road. I would get no lurve.
MUD said...
Rex Byrd. They could call me "Big" for short. The sad truth is that the cure for nudity after the age of 40 is full length mirrors. Funny stuff.
Buck said...
You already know mine...(Editorial note:  Buck was involved in the original idear for this stellar, hilarious blogerrific idear!  His stripper name is:  "Mustapha Pete Rue Mozart (first pet I can remember, a canary; first street I can remember, in Sceaux [a suburb in Paris)."
Buck said...
But I wanna know where Naked Street is. Or drive, avenue, yadda, yadda. Are there rentals?
Dapper Dan said...
Andy, I'm late to the funfest, but are you ready for this...Wimpy Easy.

So, there's your lineup at the Andy's Strip Club Place. 

I'm telling y'all...if y'all are down for it, I am, too!  I mean, there's this empty building in downtown Shreveport right next to Larry Flynt's joint across from the casinos on The Red River. 

I'm thinking we could all make us a fortune!  CASH!


  1. Dang, how did I miss this post, mine would be Hot Dog Bar L.

    Yes, Hot Dog was a dachshund, why do you axe?

  2. Wimpy Easy is hard to beat!
    Speaking of strippers, when grandson Tyler was about 6, his friend James told him about a movie the family watched, and the girl in it was a stripper. Tyler turned to James and said, 'man, be quiet. My grandpa doesn't know anything about stuff like that'.
    I think that's a good thing, but it sure was funny!

  3. I started to join in on the stripper names, but didn't think Fido and Rural Route was gonna get it so i just figured I was not supposed to participate in it. Andy, 50 years of blogging? Did I read that correct. and lastly. for energy savings. Try small window units and ceiling fans in the areas you spend most time. My energy bill dropped quite a bit with 2 small window units and ceiling fans. One in the master bedroom and one in the den. The main unit still runs but at a higher setting and we are comfortable.

    Oh this is the closest to a normal verification word I have seen. dinging

  4. I'm thinking we could all make us a fortune! CASH!

    Heh. I'm thinking I just wouldn't fit on the card at Andy's Strip Emporium. I might could be a draw at some Senior Center, somewhere. MIGHT. Prolly up in Canuckistan.

  5. Wimpy Easy sounds like a henpecked husband not a male stripper - maybe a paint stripper.

  6. Oh man...the comments on this are even funnier than the original stripper name question!!!

    Something is wrong with my G-mail again. None of these showed up in the mailbox. I just happened to be checking El Blog and found them.

    You guys/gal are all just fabulous. FABULOUS, I TELL YA'!!!


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